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Our SAS Series

The SAS Cover all series captivates clients by means of its simple and economic design! The system consists of a flexible monotube frame of 6 to 10 metres in width. The foundation work can be carried out by means of soil nailing or ground anchors. A construction on concrete prefab units or slip silo walls can be built in an incredibly short space of time. It is thus no coincidence that it is the ideal solution for smaller construction projects!

Our LBS Series

Cover all has created a well-developed, versatile building type in the form of its LBS series. Sturdy grid tube girders form the centrepiece of this semicircular arch design. They enclose up to 30% more spatial volume than conventional gable roofs. Our transparent membrane covering additionally creates an incomparably bright interior. That is why the LBS series has become a genuine classic building construction that has now been built many thousands of times throughout the world!

Our TITAN Series

Cover all's TITAN series sets new standards in all disciplines: Cantilever building widths of 10 to 95 metres, maximum freedom of movement thanks to variable eaves heights of up to 8 m, can be adapted to all forms of doors and gates, can be insulated by a second interior membrane, roof inclines of 15 and 30°, can be combined with LBS and SAS buildings, can be flexibly partitioned, and constantly extended.... The building industry giant opens up a virtually unlimited range of options due to these characteristics!


The mobile shelter of Mobile Covers is used all year round due to its high flexibility and thickness of the material in each area. It is ideal as a mobile pasture shelter and offers horses, cows, goats and sheep in any weather protection. It can also be used as a shelter for machinery / vehicles of any kind and for storage of small quantities of wood or straw.


Smart Cover models are the most adaptable roof facilities that one could buy with money. Assembly of a building takes only 2:00 surprising!? Suitable for field shelters, garages, drying herbs and fruits, small farm animals, indoor markets, camping, livestock premises for suckling and others.

Our ROXY Series

Tents ROXY diameter of 16 to 22 meters. Short installation time (about 2 days), flexible use in all seasons. Combinations of doors of all sizes. Comfortable cots, retail and entertainment facilities.


1. Natural lighting - the lighting can be expensive , and the windows of the building often fail to provide the right amount of natural light needed for the animals and work inside. The buildings are covered with Powertec III, which allows daylight to penetrate even the exterior of the structure. Natural light bay facility during the day, effectively reducing your electricity bill for lighting by 100% during the day. Natural light creates a safe working environment. With natural light coming from all directions simultaneously by roofing system to ensure that there are no dark areas and shadows and dark spots. No matter where you are in the building is clearly visible and your employees can work safely.

2. Airflow = natural ventilation - Traditional structures require extensive and expensive ventilation systems to generate proper air flow and maintain the standard for air quality. Cover all buildings to eliminate the need for expensive and complex ventilation systems because of the natural flow of air which comes from the design of the structure the ergonomics. Great headroom creates such a large volume of air in the building is always fresh and clean scent , which helps to keep the floor dry and corners . This naturally leads to a ventilation system, healthy humans and animals and a decrease in veterinary accounts for treatment of a respiratory disease.

3. Free interior space - the purchase of buildings Cover all, you could use the full interior space of one party to another without the use of props and stabilizing ropes, i.e. maximum usable area relative to the value of the building. Fortunately, the supporting arches COVER ALL of our buildings are made of hot deep galvanized steel. For example, Cover all “'TITAN" high profile allow high trucks to maneuver when unloading their cargo inside the building with their bodywork up in the air because there is no low beams and ropes to prevent this action. by unloading inside to eliminate environmental concerns , which may cause dust to the atmosphere.

4. Versatility - buildings Cover all, used for everything from storage facilities, storage, livestock and entertainment venues to cover sports fields and hockey rinks! The design makes it easy to extend the building in the future if you need more space. These buildings can easily be moved to a new location if you need it. The cost to make these changes in the traditional structure can be overwhelming, but with building mobile Cover all, this is included in the price.

5. Installation and maintenance - Cover all building can be installed for at least two days, so you save money on labor costs . Buildings covered with fabric Powertec III, require little maintenance thanks to the natural durability of the materials used in their construction . Garntsioneiyat period is 15 years old! In the absence of a roof of an old building with solid foundations , roofs can easily adapt to the existing base. Thus, your roof requires repair with tiles or other roofing materials , saving your time and money to bring the building into production condition. If you are making plans to build a new building , consider the advantages of Coverall buildings and the wide range of activities they cover ! But sometimes it just saves money !

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