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About Us

We are pleased that you are interested in the innovative building concepts from Cover all. The combination of ongoing innovation, award-winning quality, perfect service as well as and widespread network of sales partners has made us a market leader in this area. With ready-made and flexible building solutions for agriculture, industry, equestrian sports to sports facilities, we literally cover every need. We look after your projects throughout their entire lifespan: from the planning through the ongoing care and maintenance of your custom-made building solution. On the following pages you will learn the most important points about our building types, company and the newest developments around Cover all in a concise and informative way.

If you need a new building or your needs repair, we have the solution for you. Our mobile buildings installed quickly, can be used all year round and are available in various sizes. A mobile solution can not be found.

Our mobile buildings characterized by:

- Flexible use

- Quick assembly and disassembly

- Easy transformation in a closed building mobile single or double door

- Easy changing the location of the roof and its use of another building

- Resistant to sudden weather changes, strong winds, hail, heavy rain, and snow cover of 80 kg. up to 150 kg. per m2.

In addition to your renovated building you get:

- Natural light , covered with membrane Powertec III, allows daylight to penetrate even the exterior of the building. Natural light bay facility during the day , effectively reducing your electricity bill for lighting by 100% during the day.

- Airflow = natural ventilation greatest headroom creates such a large volume of air in the building is always fresh and clean scent , which helps to keep the floor dry and corners.

- Free inner space when installing the roof Cover all, you could use the full interior space from side to side without the use of props and stabilizing ropes, this means maximum usable area relative to the value of the building .

- Universality - mobile buildings Cover all, used for everything from storage facilities , storage , livestock and entertainment venues to cover sports fields and hockey rinks .

- Cover all the building can be installed for at least two days, so you save money on labor costs. Buildings covered with fabric Powertec III, require little maintenance thanks to the natural durability of the materials used in their construction. Warranty period is 15 years and the life of the building is older than 35!